Enoki Design interior and graphic designers in the Adelaide city centre, South Australia.


Enoki is a multi-disciplinary design firm specialising in Visual Communication and Interior Architecture. We work together with our clients to achieve outstanding results that leave the right impression. Our constant collaboration and experimentation enable us to explore new directions in design. Our focus is always to create a completely coherent package for our clients, be that a residential property, a commercial fit-out, an annual report, or a corporate identity system.

Enoki establishes a design brief through conversations with clients to guide the design process. During the design process Enoki's staff call on a wide range of skills like; research, conceptual drawing, spatial planning, design development, detail design, illustration, typography and layout, finished art and construction drawing. It is our practice to have an ongoing dialogue, internally and amongst ourselves to constantly question our concepts. We are qualified designers with the technical ability to deliver artwork and construction drawings for all projects to a high level of finish. We have the expertise to manage the production / construction phase to completion.

Enoki applies attention to detail and careful consideration to every project no matter how small. We practice being completely present during the design process. Staff are always working and experimenting on 'side-line' projects, or engaging in competition work in their free time. Through ideas and processes discovered during 'design play' project work is injected with new life.


Make a difference! We design our projects to work well now and in the future. We endeavour to enhance the experience of those that use, live with, or live in our projects.

Make each project better than the last! Every project, no matter how small, is explored, reworked and given complete attention, until a unique and inspiring design solution is achieved.

Make every client interaction positive! Our clients are our sounding board and we value their input. We see issues as an opportunity to revisit and push our work in unexplored directions.

Explore new directions in design! We encourage our staff to find their passion and fulfill their design dreams. Keeping creativity enjoyable helps us bring fresh ideas to our work.

Collaborate! We endeavour to share, experiment, learn and remain open to changing direction throughout the design process. We choose to include eachother and our clients in our thinking.

Have an awareness of environmental issues! We take responsibility in touching the earth as lightly as possible. We embrace and incorporate sustainable practices in our projects.

Be in the moment! Whether we are talking, drawing or researching, we practice being completely present! This allows us to produce considered and carefully crafted work.



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