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Enoki Studio

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KW Cornerstore

Enoki embraced this opportunity to create a fun brand among the throng of less than inspiring convenience store brands on a busy inner city intersection. Essentially a word mark, the logo loosely depicts a shopping trolley and the theme of mobility to communicate the on-the-go nature of the shop. The underlying arrow and circle graphic represents busy people stopping by KW Cornerstore on their way around the city.

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The Foodstore

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Green Bites

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Melon & Rye

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Aharn Thai

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Roll Up Branding

Roll-up is a dine in and take away vietnamese food outlet specialising in casual street food. The identity is clean, simple and memorable focusing on the refreshing tastes of vietnamese cooking through the use of rolling mint leaves. Circle graphics with specific ingredients rolled inside of them complete the identity as support graphics. These elements have been used together on packaging, stationery and signage.

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DCSI Offices

Together with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the Enoki interior team we produced a set of striking environmental graphics for the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion. Our brief was to help create a relaxing and peaceful environment. The thought of lying back on a field of grass and watching the clouds roll by led us to our solution.

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Casa Freschi Signature Series

The Signature Series is a new range of wine from South Australian Winery Casa Freschi. The Freschi Estate is abundant with beautiful trees, a constant backdrop to the family and workers of the Estate. The client wanted to incorporate this connection into the new range through unique illustrations, each with a human element interacting with the scene.

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Teresa Moore Centre

Enoki were asked to design signage, wayfinding and environmental graphics for the Teresa Moore Centre, the central meeting point for the Cabra Dominican Sisters. The graphics were designed to reflect the rich history of the Sisters. Waves were used throughout the wayfinding to reflet the journey of the nuns to Adelaide from Dublin in 1868. In the reception area a timeline was devised using images collected by the Sisters to tell their story to guests in detail. Window graphics were also designed to conceal the Sister's kitchen area from the general meeting space. The waves were again used here along with an image and a poem portraying the beloved Moreton Bay Fig in the Sister's communal garden.

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Zahr Mezze Cafe Bar

Zahr is a new cafe and bar offering middle eastern cuisine that gives people tastes from another part of the world. The Zahr letter forms were created to echo arabic typefaces. The support pattern is a contemporary take on arabic patterns. The pattern is degraded to give the sense of history and time past. These two elements have been used across a broad range of applications and manage to stay fresh and interesting in each one.

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MVPS Branding

The initial brand for Morphett Vale Primary School was created to convey the message of integration and communication. The environmental graphics followed the idea of 'learning by interacting with your surroundings'. Graphic symbols were created for Early Years, Middle Years and Senior Years, each set depicting a corresponding level of learning. The graphics also display the different levels of structure as students progress in their schooling.

Illustrations: Danny Snell
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The Stirling Hotel

The branding of The Stirling Hotel involved one all encompassing logo for the whole hotel along with sub-logos for the different areas of the hotel. The all encompassing logo plays on the theme 'all under one roof'. The sub-logos use simple shapes and wording that match the style of the all encompassing logo. They sit together with the word 'at'. This project involved the completion of a variety of collateral material including stationery, menus, signage, and a functions package book.

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Fox Creek Fox Newsletter

The redesign of the Fox Creek newsletter called for a brand new approach and a fresh clean contemporary feel. All colour panels from the previous version were replaced by white space. Using ordered and clean black typography helps to give the images prominence in the layout. The use of diagonal line devices throughout the newsletter gives the document visual interest and makes it easy for readers to jump around quickly in the layout to find what interests them. A concertinaed folded outer creates an interactive booklet and brings the important 'Fox Creek Circle Bottle Packs' to the front of the newsletter experience.

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Siroc Espresso Bar

The square shapes in the Siroc logo represent serving surfaces, while the letter shapes represent Siroc's offerings. The 'o' in Siroc represents coffee which is what Siroc do best. The dream of opening a coffee shop runs deep in the owner's family so we decided that some of their old family photographs would be fantastic support material for the logo. Aged paper graphics were created to give the menu a feeling of age. The branding covered signage, business cards, menu, and specials cards.

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Casa Freschi Ragazzi

Ragazzi is an Italian word meaning 'young people'. And the Ragazzi wine is made for a younger market than Casa Freschi's previous offerings. Fresh, fun 'drink now' wines for a new market. The Ragazzi labels play on the 'fun and games' theme and incorporate silk screen style illustrations of traditional games played in parks - skittles and bocce. Energetic typography carries the information.

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Boy Toy Branding

The Boy Toy branding explored popular culture and pop art. Lipstick pink with an exploded gradient and contemporary letter forms hit the right note. The result is a look-at-me brand for this start up hair dresser. The branding has been applied to signage, environmental graphics, stationery, and promotional material.

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ASBA Brochure Series

This brochure series was developed for All Occasions Group over a number of years to herald the coming of the next conference for the Association of School Business Administrators. The conference committee were creative with their titles allowing free reign for the development of descriptive illustrations to create instant recognition for their event. The use of a different typeface to accompany the illustrations gives each conference a unique feel. There is a certain tension in each illustration adding interest and intrigue.