Graphic 2

Ambro Luminate Book

Ambro asked for a new design direction to illicit excitement from it's clients. A new identity was developed based around the idea of 'Ambro equals'. 'Ambro equals great craftsmanship', for example. The identity also appears as an extreme close-up of the patterns seen in it's product 'Luminate'. A series of hand crafted illustrations were developed to communicate the key ingredients of Ambro's product 'Luminate'. In consultation with Enoki's interior team, a new colour range was chosen for Ambro's product range. Impressive images of 'Luminate in use' were used while communicating it's benefits. Important installation and measurement details were placed at the back of the book. An informative and enticing book to reinvigorate Ambro and make it new all over again.

Adelaide Flower House Website

An old piece of paper, found at the bottom of the garden and inscribed with poems about flowers, forms the basis of this design. This piece of paper becomes a treasure and reveals more beautiful floral arrangements as well as more intriguing poems. Adelaide Flower House is renowned for its carefully crafted floral arrangements for individuals and special events. The website itself is like a keepsake, folded up inside your pocket.

Photographer: Evolved Images

The Haus Café Bar Kitchen

The brand for The Haus Hahndorf Cafe Bar and Kitchen uses original, contemporary letter forms reminiscent of German Black Letter. Inside the venue, an historian's stories are illustrated in old wood block style and spray painted in black onto raw brick. All other communications carry a contemporary tone, creating a present day environment with one foot planted firmly in the history of one of South Australia's earliest Germanic settlements.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Adelaide Flower House Branding

The Adelaide Flower House logo extends the 'A', 'F' and 'H' into organic plant like letters. The words 'Adelaide Flower House' follow the diagonal of the 'A's' down stroke. A diagonal line following this angle was created and used as a structural element for typography to work with. All typography has a lot of black space around it with either the use of illustrative flower elements or large photographic elements. Consistent use of these elements extends to car graphics. Inside the shop, 44 original short poems were written in chalk on blackboard paint walls to create a wall paper effect. Chalk illustrations were added to the bottom parts of the same walls. A unique 'Ivy' light was designed to fill the void above the flower arranging table

Photographer: Evolved Images.

Tasca Viva

Rustic surrounds, vibrant activity and energetic individuality form the basis of this identity package for Tasca Viva Restaurant Tapas Bar. Tasca Viva is Spanish for energetic place. The word marque is hand-made and rustic with individual flavour. It is immediately Spanish and friendly which matches the interior. A series of rustic shapes based on the patterning in tiles and on a matador's jacket create a subtle backdrop for the identity. A lively wallpaper bringing happy bustling people into the space finishes off the vibe. Spanish inspired characters adorn the toilet doors inviting you to be relieved.

Photographer: James Knowler


The MORF book was created for the Art, Architecture and Design School at the University of South Australia. The design concept incorporated morphing letterforms that merge and break apart into the page, forming new and unusual negative shapes. Strange forms, still legible, create the starting point for the structure of the body text. Slanted body text makes for unexpected page layouts and an interesting read.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Abstract Nature

The Abstract Nature Catalogue was created for the Samstag Museum's print and online applications. Clean typography and a simple design structure were utilised for maximum legibility. A design grid, with the flexibility to accommodate different sized images and varying amounts of body text, was used. On the left page of each spread, the artist's initials were placed in large type, for easy navigation through the catalogue's pages.

Pasta Deli

To match the contemporary classic interior a simple typographic identity was developed. The letter forms were altered to create a new typographic personality unique to Pasta Deli. Photographs of the pasta making process were commissioned and used throughout the space. A warm colour was added to these images to add depth and sophistication. Packaging and support graphics have a clean and simple appeal.

Photographer: James Knowler

Barossa Vines Prospectus

The Barossa Vines logo incorporates a vine leaf. Using this as a visual cue a contemporary geometric leaf graphic was developed for the Prospectus. The diagonal lines that emanate from within the leaf gives the Prospectus visual interest and works well in financial tables. The geometric leaf also helped make great abstract image shapes.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Decant Branding

The client requested a classic, stylish and high end dining experience to entice house guests and the general public. With its use of marbles, luxury eco veneers, Missoni fabrics and Tom Dixon lighting, the intimate restaurant provides a perfect backdrop to fine dining and a high end wine list.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Fox Creek Womad 08

The Get Foxy foxes were developed as fun and exuberant imagery to be used when Fox Creek Wines supports or sponsors an event. The foxes are easy to connect with as they behave just like humans. The foxes were first used at Womadelaide in 2008.

Photographer: Evolved Images

UniSA Exhibition 08

This booklet was created for Architect students and Interior Architect students completing their studies at the University of South Australia. The booklet is a showcase of student work and the courses themselves and helps give the students exposure to exhibition goers. The graphic treatment of overlapping skewed rectangles represents pathways from the past and into the future.

Belair Hotel

The original Belair Hotel was built with Art Deco styling. The typography for the identity takes from this period. Organic tendrils wind their way through the letters of the identity and throughout the internal spaces. In the Bistro mural, forest animals hide amongst the trees. The animals become the theme for stories and illustrations created for the Den bar. The illustrations and mural elements find their way onto coasters and menus.

Photographer: Evolved Images

UniSA Masterclass

The UniSA Masterclasses were a series of professional development classes for practicing designers held by masters of design. The core imagery was developed as a series of bust statues with amazing creative ideas streaming from their minds. Each master of design was allocated a motivational phrase like 'inspire innovation' or 'provoke thought'. This core imagery was used on posters and on a booking website.

UniSA Form3 Book

Form3 is the end of year publication for the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. Deconstructing letterforms facilitate the concept of learning design. A structured yet flexible design grid allows for variation in the quantity and the type of information.

Photographer: Evolved Images

UniSA ID Program

Using the styles created for the Form3 Book for Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia, the Industrial Design Program was produced. This program needed to clarify what subjects were included in the course and how many units each subject had, so detailed information graphics were created. These tables/graphs indicated pathways through the course and how many units electives used.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Picnic at Connies

Picnic at Connie's is a rustic after work meeting place out-doors where wood oven pizza and home made beer can be consumed. Created to encourage creative thinking and collaboration. There might be poetry one night and the launch of an unheard band the next. The identity incorporates an ant and subtle pizza shapes. Ants are always an uninvited guest at picnics, but here even the ants are invited. Everyone is welcome at Picnic at Connie's.

Illustrations: Danny Snell
Photographer: Evolved Images

Forestry SA

With a complex system of meeting rooms and internal glass walls, the Forestry SA site required screening for privacy. Forest imagery depicting the growth of a forest, from seed to sapling to mature tree, was developed. The imagery was printed on clear vinyl and applied to internal glass walls, partially obscuring the people meeting inside. Silver plaques were developed to name each meeting room. A cross-section of a tree became the graphic carrying the names of each room.

Photographer: Evolved Images