Graphic 3

UniSA Form3 Book

Form3 is the end of year publication for the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. Deconstructing letterforms facilitate the concept of learning design. A structured yet flexible design grid allows for variation in the quantity and the type of information.

Photographer: Evolved Images

UniSA ID Program

Using the styles created for the Form3 Book for Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia, the Industrial Design Program was produced. This program needed to clarify what subjects were included in the course and how many units each subject had, so detailed information graphics were created. These tables/graphs indicated pathways through the course and how many units electives used.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Picnic at Connies

Picnic at Connie's is a rustic after work meeting place out-doors where wood oven pizza and home made beer can be consumed. Created to encourage creative thinking and collaboration. There might be poetry one night and the launch of an unheard band the next. The identity incorporates an ant and subtle pizza shapes. Ants are always an uninvited guest at picnics, but here even the ants are invited. Everyone is welcome at Picnic at Connie's.

Illustrations: Danny Snell
Photographer: Evolved Images

Forestry SA

With a complex system of meeting rooms and internal glass walls, the Forestry SA site required screening for privacy. Forest imagery depicting the growth of a forest, from seed to sapling to mature tree, was developed. The imagery was printed on clear vinyl and applied to internal glass walls, partially obscuring the people meeting inside. Silver plaques were developed to name each meeting room. A cross-section of a tree became the graphic carrying the names of each room.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Safe Kitchen Design Manual

This manual was produced to be a companion for interior architects and architects while designing commercial kitchens. A side margin was created big enough to carry information from various building codes and standards so that more information could be sourced easily. The page numbering includes the section number making it easy to flick to information quickly. A character was created to help communicate the importance of the manual and make the 'dry' content more palatable and fun to read.

Photographer: Evolved Images

Therapia Branding

The Therapia Tree symbolises firm foundations, balance and an ability to be flexible to reach out and be active. The idea behind the logo is that of the Tree-of-Life. Therapia - a healing centre that promotes 'getting the most out of life'. The idea grew in strength by the memory of lying beneath a tree and gazing up at the foliage above in a state of relaxation. By working with Therapia a client can experience all of these physical benefits. A series of photographic and illustrative elements carry through forming a strong identity.